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Judicial Review of Digital Economy Act could well suceed By Chris Telfer / 07 November 20110

Internet service providers BT and TalkTalk have received a boost in their efforts to take on the Digital Economy Act,... read on »

Google and Citizens Advice Bureau Team-up on "Good to Know" Campaign By Chris Telfer / 17 October 20110

Google have teamed up with the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) to launch their first ad campaign promoting user safety and... read on »

Need A Working Bulk PageRank Checker? We've Got One! By Chris Telfer / 11 October 20110

I'm sure you've all noticed that PageRank checkers and toolbars have been down over the past couple of days, well,... read on »

Google opens first retail store in London By Chris Telfer / 04 October 20110

Google have taken the fight to Appleā€™s door, opening its first retail store in an attempt to rival the firms... read on »

Scottish Government Wants .Scot Domain Name By Chris Telfer / 04 October 20110

Officials from the Scottish government have made a request to UK communications minister Ed Vaizey to support their bid to... read on »


Here at Cultivate Media, we are excited to offer services to our clients interested in establishing, enhancing and expanding their online presence through the popular social media web service.

What is Twitter?

Since its introduction in 2006, Twitter has been an online microblogging service. In its earliest phases, members could only post 140 character status updates to their connected friends, family and co-workers. Since these beginning, Twitter has exploded in size and scope, allowing for the sharing of limitless information across countless platforms and through integration in to other similar services.

Who is on Twitter?

Since its inception, Twitter has grown in to a remarkably versatile social media platform, free from demographic boundaries. As the significance of social media continues to grow, so does the broadness of the demographics using Twitter. We are now at the point where it is safe to assume that members of every company's target audiences are in some way interacting on Twitter.

Why Should I Use Twitter?

Twitter works to effectively bridge the gap between company and consumer. Every day real-time conversations between potential customers are supplying honest feedback to a unified, public platform. There is simply no reason a company with online target demographics should neglect to take full advantage of the rich potential of this technology.

How can Cultivate Media Help Market my Company on Twitter?

The social-media savvy team at Cultivate Media has had great success with our own Twitter marketing campaigns. In just a few short months we have dramatically increased site traffic, visibility and client leads through the social media service.

With relevant, informative tweets that blend professionalism and personality, our social media team can help your company connect with like-minded professionals, stay current on industry news and get a better understanding of the wants and needs of your target audience.

Our in-depth Twitter marketing services come bespoke to fit company budgets and objectives. Cultivate Media can introduce you to the concept of Twitter, create professional Twitter marketing campaigns, monitor strategy progress and all-important social media ROI, moving towards ultimately building and preserving a positive brand reputation.

Contact Cultivate Media today to learn more about out Twitter Marketing services and other website development services.

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