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Judicial Review of Digital Economy Act could well suceed By Chris Telfer / 07 November 20110

Internet service providers BT and TalkTalk have received a boost in their efforts to take on the Digital Economy Act,... read on »

Google and Citizens Advice Bureau Team-up on "Good to Know" Campaign By Chris Telfer / 17 October 20110

Google have teamed up with the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) to launch their first ad campaign promoting user safety and... read on »

Need A Working Bulk PageRank Checker? We've Got One! By Chris Telfer / 11 October 20110

I'm sure you've all noticed that PageRank checkers and toolbars have been down over the past couple of days, well,... read on »

Google opens first retail store in London By Chris Telfer / 04 October 20110

Google have taken the fight to Appleā€™s door, opening its first retail store in an attempt to rival the firms... read on »

Scottish Government Wants .Scot Domain Name By Chris Telfer / 04 October 20110

Officials from the Scottish government have made a request to UK communications minister Ed Vaizey to support their bid to... read on »

Search Engine Optimisation

Search is changing. A standard search with Google now yields images, videos, maps and even real-time social results from sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Google now even tailors results to individual users based on their recorded online habits, meaning while you might rank well for one person you could do poorly for another.

Search has changed. At Cultivate Media, we believe it's time for a new generation of SEO; constantly evolving with the search engines to provide our clients with successful, cost-effective marketing strategies and pay-per-click campaigns. If you're being left behind by the game, maybe it's time to speak to us.

Why Optimise?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising the content, meta data and construction of your website to facilitate the prominent placement of your message in the major search engine results.

The Ever-Changing Rules

Each year, major search engines effect major changes in the way their searches retrieve results in order to ensure commercial prosperity and high-quality search results for their users. Google has 'cleaned-up' its results many times over the years, omitting fraudulent results and weeding out cheap optimisation tricks that mask the true irrelevance of sites. Yahoo! Has acquired many new search tech companies and similarly, Bing's online spiders are constantly being upgraded.

By using authentic, ethical optimisation methods, Cultivate Media ensures that your brand and your company remains the most genuinely relevant result for a number of pre-selected keywords, identified as ideal for your target audience.

Cultivate Media knows change is an inherent facet of the world of search engines.

Our SEO team has decades of collective experience and constantly monitor what is garnering results and what is not. We recognise that a flashy website is all well and good, but the cornerstone of any online venture is traffic; we aim to get your website listed where you want it to be, to bring in the visitors you need.

We work in partnership with our clients, supplying monthly tracking reports explaining improvements in search performance and graphical documentation of increases in traffic and conversions. Our results and tracking span the top ten search engines and regular updates help us ensure that our clients receive the results they expect.

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