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Judicial Review of Digital Economy Act could well suceed By Chris Telfer / 07 November 20110

Internet service providers BT and TalkTalk have received a boost in their efforts to take on the Digital Economy Act,... read on »

Google and Citizens Advice Bureau Team-up on "Good to Know" Campaign By Chris Telfer / 17 October 20110

Google have teamed up with the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) to launch their first ad campaign promoting user safety and... read on »

Need A Working Bulk PageRank Checker? We've Got One! By Chris Telfer / 11 October 20110

I'm sure you've all noticed that PageRank checkers and toolbars have been down over the past couple of days, well,... read on »

Google opens first retail store in London By Chris Telfer / 04 October 20110

Google have taken the fight to Appleā€™s door, opening its first retail store in an attempt to rival the firms... read on »

Scottish Government Wants .Scot Domain Name By Chris Telfer / 04 October 20110

Officials from the Scottish government have made a request to UK communications minister Ed Vaizey to support their bid to... read on »


Affiliate Marketing is the practice of utilising relevant industry contemporaries to piggyback promotions for products, services and events in exchange for commission or shared profits. These 3rd party contemporaries are known as affiliates, and can do much to increase the number of sales your online presence generates and increase brand awareness for your company.

The reason Affiliate Marketing is so popular and indeed, so successful as a strategy is largely down to how cost effective the practice is. Payments are only made on sales successfully placed through your website, which always proves an ideal model for consumer-facing websites offering recognised products and sought after goods. This also means that Affiliate Marketing Campaigns will always run with a positive ROI, making them low risk and ideal for smaller budgets.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Cultivate Media will select for you the most appropriate affiliate network for your brand before setting up monitoring systems and relevant metrics for analysis. The affiliates are then provided with any relevant marketing collateral, an agreement of commission is made and promotion begins.

All confirmed actions are then checked to prevent fraud and periodically affiliates are paid the agreed fee.

Why Cultivate Media?

Our Affiliate Marketing team represents an impressive pool of marketing knowledge and access to a wide and high-profile network of affiliates. Our proactive Affiliate Marketing stance will mean we are forever seeking out new affiliates and improving relationships with the best-performing existing affiliates, providing our clients with a steady growth in both affiliates and profit.

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