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Judicial Review of Digital Economy Act could well suceed By Chris Telfer / 07 November 20110

Internet service providers BT and TalkTalk have received a boost in their efforts to take on the Digital Economy Act,... read on »

Google and Citizens Advice Bureau Team-up on "Good to Know" Campaign By Chris Telfer / 17 October 20110

Google have teamed up with the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) to launch their first ad campaign promoting user safety and... read on »

Need A Working Bulk PageRank Checker? We've Got One! By Chris Telfer / 11 October 20110

I'm sure you've all noticed that PageRank checkers and toolbars have been down over the past couple of days, well,... read on »

Google opens first retail store in London By Chris Telfer / 04 October 20110

Google have taken the fight to Apple’s door, opening its first retail store in an attempt to rival the firms... read on »

Scottish Government Wants .Scot Domain Name By Chris Telfer / 04 October 20110

Officials from the Scottish government have made a request to UK communications minister Ed Vaizey to support their bid to... read on »

Born on the Streets

Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier & Smet Clothing

Search Engine Optimisation / Pay per click / Affiliates / Social Media / Twitter / Facebook

We were instructed by Born on the Streets, the UK’s leading independent retailer of Ed Hardy clothing by Christian Audigier, to formulate a digital marketing campaign that would integrate the SEO, PPC, Affiliate and Social Media elements of their existing digital campaigns to better consolidate their resources, resulting in increased profitability and ROI.

See In Style

Stylish Prescription Glasses

Search Engine Optimisation / Pay per click / Affiliates / Social Media / Twitter / Facebook

We were instructed by See in Style, one of the UK’s leading online retailers of designer frames and sunglasses, to increase their sales numbers and ROI across multiple campaigns consisting of SEO, PPC, Affiliates and Social Media, to bring their current efforts up to the level required to meet stringent sales and growth targets.

As a business still inside their first year, See in Style’s presence on the web had failed to meet initial projections and needed a complete overhaul to turn this great looking website from a beloved project into a viable, profitable business.

So? Fragrance

Fragrance With Attitude

Search Engine Optimisation

We were instructed by So? Fragrance, the leading manufacturer of low cost perfumes for the teen market, to increase their rankings for a number of relevant keywords primarily focused at bringing in new, targeted consumers to their website.

Their search engine presence prior to our involvement failed to match the innovative nature and scale of their offline marketing campaigns, and so they came to Cultivate for help in rectifying this, working to bring search to the forefront of their brand strategy.


Kreate the Experience

Search Engine Optimisation / Pay per click

We were instructed by Kreate, a leading London-based experiential marketing agency, to increase the number of new business leads generated through search; both organic and paid.

The client’s website was initially only available in flash, which due to the increased difficulty of optimising such sites presented an initial hurdle which we had to overcome. We managed this by implementing an html version of the site, in addition to the flash-based one, allowing the site to retain both functionality and its look and feel.

First Med

Online Private Prescriptions

Pay per click

We worked with First Med, a leading online lifestyle clinic, to formulate a PPC strategy to increase sales, primarily through Google’s Adwords platform. The client up to this point had experienced a love hate relationship with the ad network, with campaigns being suspended, keywords restricted and competition saturation pushing their click cost sky high.

It was our role to rectify these problems by building a new campaign that played to the brand’s strengths, focused on products that we both knew to have had historical success as well as a workable cost per acquisition rate, allowing us to streamline their efforts and consolidate their budget to greater effect.

Health Express

The UK's Favourite Online Clinic

Search Engine Optimisation / Affiliates

We worked with Health Express, one of the first online lifestyle clinics to launch in the UK, acting as the driving force behind their search and affiliate efforts, providing optimisation and management services for each of these elements of their digital strategy.

Health Express were no strangers to either marketing practice, and unlike many of the clients we encounter we would not be taking their marketing from an infantile state through to adolescents, but rather to further tune what they already had to trump their competitors in this highly competitive market.

GFS Express

We Deliver The World

Search Engine Optimisation

We worked with GFS Express, a global courier and freight handling firm, to optimise their website for better performance within the leading search engines; Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The focus of our strategy was to optimise for a catalogue of phrases containing region modifiers, such as Dubai, Riyadh, Mumbai and other international services the company are heavily active in. This meant that the scale of the campaign was huge in comparison to many of the other website we have worked on, targeting in excess of 150+ keyphrases at any given time, all of which would require frequent content and backlink additions to successfully, and consistently, make it to the top of the search engines.

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