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Judicial Review of Digital Economy Act could well suceed

By Chris Telfer 4 years ago at 05:59

Internet service providers BT and TalkTalk have received a boost in their efforts to take on the Digital Economy Act, with a judge ruiling that their judicial review has a “real prospect of success”.

The controversial act was supported by the High Court earlier this year when they chose to side with the government, supporting their decision to enact the statue which imposes website and sharing restrictions measures on UK-based ISPs.

BT and TalkTalk have long been critics of the act, and have long claimed that it was passed without the parliamentary scrutiny that it deserved and imposes obligations that they believe to be unfair on the broadband industry and contrary to European privacy laws.

Lord Justice Lewison, the judge who has been heading up the review, said that "In my judgment there is a sufficient prospect of success in these arguments to attract the adjective 'real' and I grant permission to appeal on that ground,"

According to a number of online sources a new hearing on the Digital Economy Act could begin as soon as February next year.

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