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Yahoo! up 86% in Q4 2010

By Chris Telfer 4 years ago at 07:23

Tagged with: Yahoo / Yahoo microsoft / Yahoo profits / Yahoo revenue

Search engine Yahoo! Has today announced a staggering 86% increase in profits during Q4 of last year, helping to increase the company’s profit to $1 billion (£628.8 million).

In addition to the overall growth of the company, display advertising revenues were also up 16% on last year, taking them to £356 million, putting the company’s total for Q4 to $1.2 billion (£754 million).

However, despite this growth, Yahoo! have reported an overall decrease in revenue of 4% over 2010, which has been attributed to the search engines acquisition by Microsoft earlier this year, seeing the technology used by Bing to power Yahoo! in Canada and the US, resulting in 12% of search revenues being given to Microsoft.

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