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Search Engine Optimisation

Scale the heights of Google, Yahoo and Bing

Search Engine Optimisation

Scale the heights of Google, Yahoo and Bing

Pay per click

Maximize your return from Adwords, Adcentre and YSM


Get the Web working for you with Affiliate Management

Social Media

Think your business is great? Kick, scream and shout about it!


Make your business a Tweeting success!


Connect your business with the world's number one website

Search Engine Optimisation


Search is changing. A standard search with Google now yields images, videos, maps and even real-time social results from sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Google now even tailors results to individual users based on their recorded online habits, meaning while you might rank well for one person you could do poorly for another.

Search has changed. At Cultivate Media, we believe it's time for a new generation of SEO; constantly evolving with the search engines to provide our clients with successful, cost-effective marketing strategies and pay-per-click campaigns. If you're being left behind by the game, maybe it's time to speak to us.

Why Cultivate Media?

If you and your business are new to digital marketing, or you are simply looking for an alternate agency to the one you have now, then CultivateMedia are for you. We offer a wide array of services, across a multitude of marketing practices, which can be tailored to your needs, irrespective of the size of your business or the market sector you are active in.

What makes us different?

At CultivateMedia we don’t like to think of ourselves as just an agency, but rather your marketing department, working closely with you to achieve the growth targets you’ve set for your business whilst freeing you to get on with what you do best. By working with you, rather than for you, we can provide your business with a more coherent marketing strategy, comprised of various digital practices including SEO, PPC, Social Media and Affiliate Management.

It’s not magic, it’s common sense

We believe in transparency at CultivateMedia, and as such we work hard to ensure that our clients are informed or workings, changes and above all results, as and when they are achieved. We take great pride in this transparency, and unlike many other agencies we won’t attempt to explain away a lack of results with unfounded speculation as we believe that it’s not magic, it’s common sense that is key to the success of your digital campaigns.

What our clients say...

"I am delighted with our search engine positions and how quickly these were achieved with Cultivate Media. We now, after just 8 weeks, appear on the first page of Google across an array of highly relevant terms."

Andrea Warne (Brand Manager) from So? Fragrance

Cultivate Blog

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